Stallion Register Submission


The Louisiana Horse Stallion Register is the first place Louisiana Breeders refer to when searching for the best stallion to match up with their mares. We plan to have the Stallion Register published early December.

The stallion register page includes a 5 generation pedigree and dosage profile. All research and set-up is done by the Jockey Club. Stallion register pages will be placed in alphabetical order. Your stallion page will also be available on the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association web site at no additional cost to you. We include the “hypo-mating”  feature on your stallion’s page at the LTBA web site. This feature provides the breeder with a space to add his mare’s name and test a hypothetical mating with your stallion.

Cost of a Stallion Register Statistical page is $500*. 

Cost of Stallion Register Statistical page plus black and white photo page $850*

Cost of Stallion Register Statistical page plus color photo page $1,250*

*These are pre-paid cash rates and must be paid no later than December 11, 2022. If payment is made by credit card or after December 11, 2022, the rates increase to $525 / $892.50 / and $1,312.50 respectively. New advertisers must pre-pay at time of ad placement. Current advertisers must have accounts paid in full prior to acceptance into the Louisiana Horse Stallion Register.

Placement Deadline for stallion register page is October 17, 2022
Photo Deadline for stallion register page is November 1, 2022

2023 Louisiana Horse Stallion Register Submission Form

Print and mail to:
Louisiana Horse
P.O. Box 24650
New Orleans, LA 70454

If you have questions or for more information 
Call or e-mail Linda McLellan 504-460-5518