2021 Louisiana Bred Winners

Updated weekly

Winners of Maiden Special Weights, Allowance, and Stakes Races with purses of no less than $50,000.

Current Through 1-25-2021. 


Please notify of any omissions or corrections



1/24/21 Fred's Smooth Air AOC FG $46,000  6YO M Smooth Air Julia's Child W. J. Cameron Crusaders Stable LLC
1/23/21 The Great One MSW SA $61,000  3YO C Nyquist Little Ms Protocol Coteau Grove Farms ERJ Racing, LLC, Train Wreck A1 Racing Stables, Niall Brennan, Tom J. Fritz, and William Strauss
1/23/21 Imindycatbirdseat AOC FG $46,000  7YO G Redding Colliery Stage Five Clinger Phyllis J. Hodges Maggi Moss
1/23/21 G'Wildcat ALW FG $51,000  3YO G D'Wildcat Gnacarano Foundation Breeders, LLC Foundation Breeders LLC
1/22/21 Good Old Charlie MSW FG $45,000  4YO G My Pal Charlie Professional Cat Nolan Creek Farm L.C. Nolan Creek Farm LLC
1/22/21 Platinum Sky MSW FG $45,000  3YO F Sky Mesa Platinum Lady Valene Farms, LLC Valene Farms LLC
1/22/21 Quikfast N Ahurry AOC FG $51,000  4YO F Closing Argument Wynning Ride Carrol J Castille Whispering Oaks Farm LLC
1/22/21 Distractor Factor ALW FG $51,000  4YO F The Factor Sweet Basil Keith Plaisance Keith Plaisance
1/21/21 Scampering Grayce MSW DED $35,000  3YO F Half Ours Scamp and a Half Golden Sky Racing Golden Sky Racing, Inc.
1/21/21 Daddy Cool Cat MSW DED $35,000  4YO G D'Wildcat Miss Goldwin Frankie K. Pedigo Pedigo Family Racing
1/21/21 Lucky Artie ALW FG $51,000  4YO F Artie Schiller Biduadeau Valene Farms, LLC Sturges J. Ducoing
1/21/21 Luck of the Draw ALW FG $51,000  5YO G Lookin At Lucky Queen of War LA Bred Equine Enterprises Ten Strike Racing
1/21/21 Henning MSW FG $45,000  3YO G Hard Spun Mum Coteau Grove Farms Set-Hut LLC
1/20/21 Got Kramer MSW DED $35,000  3YO G Greeley's Galaxy Jusrt Alex Gerald L. Averett Lynne M. Boutte and Ellen Epstein
1/19/21 Last Appeal MSW DED $35,000  4YO G Half Ours Appeal David H. Menard DVM Garald W. Wollesen
1/19/21 Southern Beauty AOC DED $31,000  4YO F Calibrachoa Isn't She Gorgeous J. Adcock & Montgomery Equine Center Allied Racing Stable
1/18/21 Roux Ga Roux MSW FG $50,000  4YO G Flashback All Jazzed Up Debbie Allen Tagg Team Racing
1/18/21 Lebkuchen AOC FG $47,000  4YO F Mizzen Mast Electric Cove Jonathan Dean Hope Haven Racing
1/17/21 Speak To Me MSW FG $50,000  4YO F Mr Speaker Oh Whata Holiday World War IV Racing & Rebel Tide Racing LLC World War IV Racing and Rebel Tide Racing
1/16/21 Play Unified AOC FG $55,000  8YO M Exchange Rate Carson City Sham Keith Hernandez, Earl Hernandez & John Duvieilh Ivery Sisters Racing, Larry J. Romero, Dorby Racing and Winalot Racing, LLC
1/15/21 Sethamee Street AOC TAM $26,500  5YO M Street Sense Charged Cotton Brittlyn, Inc. Jerry Weiss
1/15/21 Mr. Al's Gal AOC FG $48,000  7YO M Salute The Sarge Spanish Ice J. Adcock & Nela McFadden Brittlyn Stable, Inc.
1/15/21 C'Mon Ve ALW FG $51,000  6YO G Half Ours Highly Confused Earl Hernandez, Keith Hernandez, John Duvieilh & Bill Langford Curley J. Davis, Sr.
1/14/21 Thetruthisthetruth MSW FG $50,000  3YO F Flat Out Posse Up Mike Hietzmann, Roger Heitzmann Jr. & Roger Heitzmann III Clark O. Brewster
1/14/21 Pound For Pound AOC FG $48,000  6YO H Redding Colliery Buttercup's Song J. Adcock & B&B Bloodstock Israel Flores Horses LLC
1/14/21 Muffin Nuts ALW DED $36,000  4YO G Lewis Michael Muffin Circle H Farms Blue Ridge Racing
1/14/21 Langs Day ALW DED $32,000  4YO G New Year's Day Langsyne J. Adcock & Adcock's Red River Farm, LLC Keith Plaisance
1/13/21 Miss Charlie Sioux ALW DED $36,000  4YO F My Pal Charlie Miss Dealbreaker Pam Stephenson Pamela Stephenson
1/13/21 Mr. Production ALW DED $37,000  5YO H Run Production Broken Link Israel Flores Hors LLC End Zone Athletics, Inc
1/12/21 Isolation MSW DED $35,000  3YO F Guilt Trip Bella Moneta Jason Hall, BCS Thoroughbreds, and Louis J. Eymard II Jason Hall, BCS Thoroughbreds and Stephen Baker
1/12/21 Saints N Muskets Magnolia S. DED $75,000  6YO M Musket Man Laughing Saint J.E. Jumonville Jr. & Bunny Jumonville Rodney J. Verret
1/12/21 Australasia Louisiana Jewel S. DED $75,000  3YO F Sky Kingdom Ayala Strand J. Adcock & Hume Wornall Jean Etienne Dubois
1/11/21 Standing Perfect Louisiana Legacy S. DED $75,000  3YO C Half Ours Stand by for News Roger C. Rashall Respect the Valleys, LLC
1/11/21 Sarah's Vision MSW DED $35,000  3YO G Court Vision My Holy Belle Perform Stables Inc. Perform Stables, Inc.
1/10/21 A Song For Arch AOC FG $48,000  7YO G Songandaprayer La Belle Bear Larry Joseph Menard Larry J. Menard and Katherine Menard
1/9/21 Gallant Star MSW FG $50,000  3YO G Star Guitar Five Star Momm Brittlyn, Inc. Maury Harrington and Christopher K. Harrington
1/9/21 Bootsie's Galaxy AOC FG $52,000  5YO G Greeley's Galaxy Ide Better Run Lowlow Stables, LLC Lorlow Stables LLC
1/8/21 Cabo's Rumor AOC FG $47,000  5YO G Amanecer de Oro The Rumor's True Northpointe Thoroughbreds Northpointe Thoroughbreds
1/7/21 Net A Bear AOC FG $48,000  5YO M Awesome Bet Edacious Reality Lora Pitre & Elaine Carroll Maximo Lamarche and Federico Deltoro
1/7/21 Grand Isle Girl MSW FG $45,000  4YO F English Channel Imaginary Cat Circle H Farms Blue Ridge Racing
1/7/21 Andthebandplayedon ALW DED $36,000  6YO M Star Guitar Feels Like Friday Stewart M Madison End Zone Athletics, Inc
1/6/21 Bayou Bode ALW  DED $36,000  6YO G Bodemeister Dancing Deer Circle H Farms Dale White, Sr.
1/5/21 Eileen Alexandra MSW DED $35,000  3YO F Jess's Dream Miss Stonestreet Bob Mahoney Bob Mahoney
1/5/21 Wise Verdict ALW DED $36,000  3YO G Court Vision Up A Notch Michael Martin LLC Michael Martin, LLC
1/4/21 Morricone MSW DED $35,000  3YO C Lone Star Special Empress Hatshepsut Tigertail Ranch Rowdy Morris
1/4/21 K R Lucky Day ALW DED $36,000  3YO F Itsmyluckyday Princess Henri Paul Pruett & Watershed Bloodstock LLC Kenneth Roberts Racing Stables Inc.
1/3/21 Lebkuchen AOC FG $46,000  4YO F Mizzen Mast Electric Cove Jonathan Dean Hope Haven Racing
1/2/21 Jus Lively AOC FG $53,000  5YO H Paddy O'Prado Lively Number Pine Knoll Farm Pine Knoll Farm
1/2/21 Mangelson AOC FG $46,000  5YO G Big Band Sound Teerific Tee Cynthia G. Eyre & Wendell A. Templet Allen Cassedy
1/1/21 Baquero's Bind MSW FG $45,000  4YO G Bind Baquero's Slewgirl Wendy Schutte Wendy Schutte