Breeding Champions by Year

Year Leading Sire of Louisiana Breds Leading Breeder by Breeders Awards Leading Breeder by percentage Stakes Winners (minimum 5 starters required) Broodmare of the Year
2022 Star Guitar Brittlyn Inc. Allied Racing Stable Lipstick Junky
2021 Half Ours Brittlyn Inc. Allied Racing Stable Buttercup's Song
2020 Star Guitar Brittlyn Stable Inc. Adcock's Red River Farm & Montgomery Equine Partnership Sittin At The Bar
2019  Star Guitar Brittlyn Stable Inc. James McIngvale Wild About Marie
2018  Star Guitar Red River Farm, LLC James McIngvale Street Beat
2017 Half Ours Margie Averett Richard and Bertram Klein Buttercup's Song
2016 Half Ours Tigertail Ranch; Irwin Olian Relentless Racing; Misty & Chad Dugar (tie)
Richard Klein and Bertram Klein (tie)
2015 Half Ours Irwin Olian, Tigertail Ranch Stacy Moak Truly Romantic
2014 Brahms (tie)
Half Ours (tie)
Spendthrift Farm; B. Wayne Hughes Terry Adcock (tie)
Brett Brinkman & Alan Chiasson (tie)
Character  Builder
2013 Ide Southern Equine Gulf Haven Farms Miss Cheer
2012 Leestown Adcock's Red River Farm Brittlyn Stables, Inc. X Strawdnair
2011 Leestown Foxwood Plantation Coteau Grove X Strawdnair
2010 Leestown Foxwood Plantation Popatop (tie)
William C. Thomas (tie)
Minit Towinit
2009 Ide Ryder River Ridge Farm Minit Towinit
2008 Leestown Foxwood Plantation Tortuga Band
2007 Leestown Foxwood Plantation Tortuga Band
2006 Leestown Foxwood Plantation Tortuga Band
2005 Leestown Foxwood Plantation Nob Hill Native
2004 Excavate Foxwood Plantation Stabilization
2003 Bag Foxwood Plantation Knightly Spritely
2002 Bag Foxwood Plantation Run Prissy Run
2001 Bag J. Adcock Pacific's Dream
2000 Zuppardo's Prince J. Adcock Cynthia's  Whistle
1999 Zuppardo's Prince J. Adcock Knightly Spritely
1998 Zuppardo's Prince J. Adcock
1997 Zuppardo's Prince J. Adcock
1996 Zuppardo's Prince Foxwood Plantation
1995 Zuppardo's Prince Clear Creek Stud, Inc.
1994 Lot O'Gold John Franks
1993 Zuppardo's Prince John Franks
1992 Zuppardo's Prince John Franks
1991 Joey Bob Joe Adcock
1990 Zuppardo's Prince John Franks
1989 Zuppardo's Prince John Franks
1988 Brilliant Sandy John Franks
1987 Brilliant Sandy John Franks
1986 Lt. Stevens John Franks
1985 Golden Peak Joe Adcock
1984 Nalees Man John Franks
1983 Dock Robbery J. P. Dorignac
1982 Honey Mark Robert F. Roberts
1981 Tow's Day Joe Adcock
1980 First And Goal Joe Adcock
1979 Brother Machree J. P. Dorignac
1978 Low Son Joe Adcock
1977 Big Joker Joe Adcock
1976 Big Joker Joe Adcock
1975 Bull Story J.C. Meadows
1974 Pacific Native Joe Adcock
1973 L.J. Cobb